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Rebel Heart - Moira Young Also posted on my blog at http://snugglingonthesofa.wordpress.com/2012/12/03/book-review-rebel-heart/‘Rebel Heart‘ by Moira Young is the second book in the Dustlands series. I recently read book one, ‘Blood Red Road’ and I had to read the second one straight away. I needed more Saba and Jack!This book starts with following Jack, who left the others behind to find Molly, and tell her about Ike. During which he runs into the fearful Tonton. Cut to Saba and crew, now reunited with Lugh. When Saba receives a message from Maev about Jack’s new friendship, she knows she has to find him. Thus the book follows the same road-trip-esqe feel of the previous novel, but this time with much more emotion. Tension between Saba and Lugh (and the other team members) is high, with Saba willing to put everything on the line for Jack.The writing style follows much the same as the first book, with the grammar and spelling similar to slang speak than English. I thought it was less prevalent than the first book, but maybe I just got used to it!The characters in this series are just amazing. I love a strong female character, but one that has vulnerabilities too. The only disappointment I really had was Lugh, as I found him quite frustrating. I’m hoping that Moira will develop his character more in the third book. Also, there is a moment in the book where Emmi shines, but I really do think she is overlooked more than she should be. And the storyline at the beginning with the starreader/psychic lady was never really tied up.This book has everything I look for in a YA novel; dystopia, a strong female, romance, emotion, character empathy and action. Needless to say, I utterly devoured this book. The only negative I have is that the third book isn’t out yet.