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Street Duty, Case One: Knock Down - Chris Ould Also posted on my blog at http://snugglingonthesofa.wordpress.com/2012/10/21/book-review-street-duty-case-one-knock-down-by-chris-ould/‘Street Duty, Case One: Knock Down‘ by Chris Ould is a great introduction to crime writing for YA. Although I dislike the stereotypical gang culture of the teenagers in this book, I still found it a good read. There are quite a lot of characters in the book, but I thought it was easy to keep track of them. I was intrigued by Ashleigh’s secret, and this made me keep reading. It was also quite refreshing to have a female heroine; and a police officer no less.The ending was good, a nice twist to solve the crime! I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys YA crime fiction, and the gritty side of teenage life. I will be looking out for the next book in the series, ‘Street Duty, Case Two’ which is shown in the back of the book as being released in 2013. It seems some of the characters will be returning, so it would be nice to learn more about them. This is the first Chris Ould book I have read, and my copy was ordered in for me from the library.